Who are we ?

Discover our ethics, why the project was launched and the faces behind your order.

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Who are we ?

Jean-Baptiste del Marmol created the Ferme de la Rigaudière in the spring of 2018. 
Passionate about nature, he is challenged by the environmental issues of conventional agriculture and the complexity of ecosystems.

At the end of his studies, he concludes that it is possible to ensure "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs".

Following this observation and after two years working for an organic farmer in Belgium, he decided to go for it !

Today he is the conductor of the orchestra between farming and selling the products. 

An adventure like this is not something you can do alone.
A team of enthusiasts is working hard to bring this project to fruition!
Behind your vegetables, we find the friendly faces of : 


He is a caring and ideal person who manages the shop, the preparation of your orders and a thousand other tasks. Thanks to his experience in the field, this philosopher knows the vegetables of the farm inside out. 


Geoffrey has been a mainstay of the farm for over two years. His positivism and humour in all circumstances make the weekly harvests very enjoyable.


Thierry has been working on the farm for more than a year and is involved in a thousand market gardening tasks. His good humour is terribly contagious because his jokes are the rhythm of the day.


Organised and smiling, Marine welcomes you every Saturday morning at the market in Ronse. Her natural pep will brighten up your day. Don't hesitate to ask her for preparation advice!

Seasonal workers and students

During the high season, we are fortunate to be able to count on the support of seasonal workers and students. 


The farm welcomes people who want to discover organic gardening while recharging their batteries in contact with the earth. These stays are also an opportunity to share beautiful moments. More information on the official website of the Belgian WWOOFing.

Our way of cultivating, beyond organic.

All the vegetables produced at the Ferme de la Rigaudière are certified organic. This certification offers the consumer the guarantee that the vegetables are grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Strict controls are regularly carried out on the farm by our certifying body. 

However, we do not limit ourselves to the organic specifications because we are driven by the principles of agro-ecology, which advocates a sustainable agricultural model that takes care of the land and people.

In concrete terms, this means planting hedges, trees and melliferous plants, as well as installing nesting boxes and beehives, for example. Our cultivation methods are no-till.

We have chosen not to use plastic mulch. For some vegetables, we use biodegradable mulch. We base this on the experience of market gardeners who have been using it for about ten years.

Our fertilisation is mainly based on the droppings of our hens and manure from neighbouring breeders. Organic fertiliser is applied at the beginning of the crop. Green manure crops are planted as soon as the rotation allows. 

Our system "from farmer to consumer" involves a wide variety of products grown in the field, which promotes biodiversity. The market garden ecosystem also guarantees the fertility of the soil and allows us to work with a living soil.

Our values and commitments

  1. To offer you healthy and organic food in full transparency

This commitment applies to the origin, price and quality of the products.

2. Caring for our environment and promoting biodiversity

We are driven by the principles of agro-ecology, which allow us to consider a sustainable agricultural model that takes care of the earth and people.  

3. Try to sell within a local food network

From the field to the plate !  We offer you vegetables at a competitive price, while paying the producer properly for his work. By reducing the number of intermediaries, we can offer a price that everyone can afford. In addition, you are sure of the quality and origin of the product.

4. Creation of long-term jobs

Our company, which is human in scale, creates jobs in a sector that is essential to everyone. These are jobs built to last.

5. Reliable, weekly service, with a full range all year round

Every week, meet us at the market, at a collection point or at the farm, according to your best convenience. Online, you will find a complete selection of seasonal products during the whole year. The website is
continuously updated, make your order and you can pick it up at the collection point, that's how easy it is !